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COVID-19 Update

The building is closed, but Montana Science Center is open virtually!

Message from Executive Director:

During this time of uncertainty for our community, schools and small businesses, the Science Center is committed to continuing our mission to engage people in the discovery of science in any way that makes programming accessible to anyone who needs additional resources for learning, play and engagement in the real world through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

The Science Center staff recognizes that it is not safe to have the Center open, or to encourage the community to be out and about; therefore, we are dedicated to developing online resources for the community to engage with as they spend time closer to home.

We look forward to the time we can welcome our visitors, members and learners back into the Science Center for thoughtful, engaging learning in STEM topics through play. Until then, we intend to continue our work as a community institution that provides fun, informal education to our students, families and members through various forms of engagement.

We appreciate your continued support of the Science Center as a community resource and we hope that you will continue to commit your attention to the needs of our nonprofit community including educational institutions such as museums and science centers. We strive to provide opportunities to our whole community, regardless of boundaries that each person faces, in order to spark interest in science and technology.

Thank you for being with us during this time, we are with you. We are with the community. As our structure transitions with each change of the environment, the Science Center will support our community of students, families and members. We are committed to serving the community as an outlet for learning, as a resource for teachers, and as a partner to alleviate the effects of this situation in the community.

All my best,

Abby Turner

Regarding Memberships:

We realize that during this time, members are not able to connect with our exhibits at the Science Center. MSC Staff has been working diligently to provide virtual STEM programming in the absence of welcoming visitors to the Center. Additionally, STEAMlab Open Lab is online twice a week.

We have received a few questions regarding family memberships while the Science Center is closed. Memberships will be extended for families that maintained a valid, active membership, for the duration of the closure. At this time, we are unsure of how long that will be, but we will notify members as soon as we have updated information.

We are still processing renewals and new members! Renewed or new memberships during the closure will insure that we are able to reopen and resume engaging, unique programming for our visitors and classrooms when the time comes. Support the Science Center, family education and science play by renewing ahead of time, or by joining. These memberships will still be extended, when purchased during our closure.

Subscriptions to Virtual Programming:

As schools prepare for an extended time providing virtual education to all of the children in our community, we want to be able to provide whatever resources we can to help classrooms, teachers, parents and caregivers. Therefore, we have several free options available for families to access through our YouTube Channel.

Additionally, we are looking at ways that we can provide additional STEM Education through classrooms and virtual camps. Please check back on how we can help!

When we reopen:

We are looking forward to the day when visitors fill the Science Center with shouts of glee, chatting parents, learning through play and technology education. However, we are making sure that every step we take towards that day is a thoughtful, educated one. At this point, all we can do is make calculated scenarios with timelines and safety plans.

MSC Staff is working hard to provide information to our visitors in a timely manner to ensure everyone that when we do open, we have taken the precautions to allow for safe, stress-free play and engagement. Reopening might look a little different depending on the scenarios, but what we do know is that our dedication to our visitors, our mission and science discovery through play is stronger as we have worked through the closure.

How can you help?

Support from our community is critical right now to sustain programmings, our space and our incredible staff! Without the staff, we wouldn’t be able to continue our mission to create science connections for visitors of all ages. Please consider making a contribution to the Science Center.

Questions? Needs?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to staff with any additional questions that you may have. Does your family have a need? Do your students need supplies or support? Please look to us to help get you the information that you might need. We’re here for you!

Updated Cancellation Policy
Due to COVID-19, our summer camp cancellation policy has been updated.
Summer camp adjustments due to health-safety requirements are being determined on a camp-by-camp basis. MSC will notify parents no later than 14 days prior to the start of camp. All summer camps have been adjusted to being offered as “Camp-At-Home” with all materials, supplies and instructions provided. If an in-person summer camp is NOT cancelled, participants may still choose the opportunity to do “Camp-At-Home” instead.

Cancellation requests are as follows:

  • Within 14 days of start date: fee will not be refunded.
  • Within 14 - 25 days with opt-out of “Camp-At-Home” option: 50% camp fee credit to MSC will be granted*
  • Outside of 25 days with opt-out of “Camp-At-Home” option: camp fee will be refunded in full, less a $75 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made by MSC staff for any reason will be refunded in full, less a $75 administration fee.
  • Pro-ration for partial or incomplete camps is not offered.

Thank you very much for your understanding during this time. As a non-profit, community support is critical for MSC to continue our mission and adapt to the challenges we are faced with. Please consider turning your camp fee into a donation.

*MSC credit for camps can be used on any of the following: MSC admission, MSC STEAMlab Open Lab admission, MSC Memberships, MSC Camps & PIR Days. Request that Credit be used by August 30, 2021.