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MONDAYS: STEM in the Park!
10am - 11am | Bozeman Pond Park

Join us in the park for a physically-distanced, in person program great for kids ages 2 - 9! Includes story time, a science kit experiment and a craft. Bring a blanket for your family to sit on.

How Come? Series

How is thunder formed? Why is the sky blue? In this new series, we explore all of YOUR ‘How Come?’ questions as they relate to STEM.

Check out this week's program here.

30 seconds of STEM

We're interviewing STEM professionals! We'll post them online, and here afterwards.

Interview with Olivia Jakabosky, MSU Conservation & Biology major
Interview with Danae Giannetti, Civil Engineer at MSU
Interview with Marissa Hondros,
Cell and Molecular Biologist
Interview with Libby Mohr
, Stream Biogeochemistry & Ecology PhD candidate, MSU
Interview with Ryan Galloway,
Optic Scientist for Aurora
Interview with Sara Mines,
Quality Manager for Ascent Vision Technologies
Interview with Ashley Olsen,
Production Manager at Aurora Innovation
Interview with Madison Myers,
Assistant Professor of Earth Science at MSU
Interview with Jen Muller,
Global Sales Operations Manager, Suez Water Technologies
Interview with Katrina Lyon,
Microbiology and Immunology Research Assistant at MSU
Interview with Mary Hubbard,
Geology Professor, MSU
Interview with Dr. Robert Peterson,
Professor of Etymology at MSU
Interview with Dr. Stephanie McCalla,
Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering at MSU
Interview with Michelle Hertel,
President & co-founder of Pocket NC

Virtual Minecraft Open Lab

Log into our closed Minecraft Server and play from your couch! Just like Open Lab in the STEAMlab - while you're at home.

To join us, click here.

June 30-September 1

Make this summer a scientific one! Follow the link below to earn points toward a FREE Montana Science Center patch and 1 Free Admission Pass valid for when we re-open!

To join us, click here.