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Welcome to the STEAMlab!

If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, feel free to contact us at any time at (406) 522-9087 or tschober@montanasciencecenter.org We encourage everyone to have a great time learning and playing within our community. Therefore, we ask parents and children to follow any rules that are posted or mentioned by our STEAMlab staff. Safety goggles and equipment is provided when necessary and we expect every student to behave with respect and kindness towards others while in the STEAMlab.


What is the STEAMlab?

The STEAMlab is our high-tech makerspace designed for self-directed, supervised play in technology. In the lab, we encourage collaboration between all students while they learn and play through technology such as 3D printing, Minecraft, robots, machine take-apart and more.

How much does the STEAMlab cost?

The STEAMlab is included with admission. General Admission to the Science Center is $9.

My child 3D printed something, when can I pick it up?

You can pick it up any time during our normal operating hours. Simply ask the front desk associate and they will help you. If they don’t have your 3D print, there may have been an issue printing it. You can go to the next Open Lab and discuss it with the STEAMlab staff.

When is the STEAMlab open?

The STEAMlab is open to the general public during our Open Lab times. Please check the calendar for our scheduled Open Labs - generally 3 - 4 times per week. Additionally, the STEAMlab is open for PIR Day Camps and Summer Camps.

Can I drop off my child for Open Lab?

You can drop off children who are 9 years and above. Younger kids are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

How do you address community within the STEAMlab?

The community is the essence of play in the STEAMlab. Therefore, we do institute safety rules and precautions in order to make sure everyone has a good time. Students working together and collaborating is the key to a successful environment of this nature. Additionally, any student that goes against our community rules will be asked to take a break from the lab.

I have old electronics that I don’t need any more or are broken. Can I give them to you?

Yes! We appreciate any and all donations. Your donations are also tax deductible. Please check out our Donation Wish List here

Does the Science Center offer scholarships for memberships, and camps?

Yes! You can fill out an application here.