Science at Home

Sep 29, 2023

Science activities to do together that inspire creativity and deep thoughts about STEM! Today's activity: Paper Airplanes!

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1. Make a few varieties of paper airplanes. We’ve attached a link to some ideas
but you can always make your own. Try to have ones with different wing shapes.

2. Throw your planes. Which one flies the farthest? Which type flies the fastest?

3. Make adjustments. What happens if you bend one wing? What happens if you bend the nose?

4. Add some lift. Set a box fan behind your launching station. Try throwing both and just setting the plane down in front of it. What changes from throwing
without the wind?

5. Add some resistance. Throw your plane into the wind. What changes?

Plane Ideas:


1. Look up pictures of different types of birds. How does their wing shape change the way they move?

Seagulls: how do they stay aloft for very long periods of time?

Eagles: how do they pick up heavy prey and keep flying?

Hawks: how do they dive so fast?

2. Take a walk. What birds did you find? What are their wings like?

Grownups: Share your results on instagram! @montanasciencecenter