Field Trips

STEAM Connections Field Trips

MSC Guided Field Trips are designed to be interactive, educational and hands-on for students of all ages. Led by MSC Education staff and MSU Education Pre-Service teachers, field trips include a curriculum, activity, supplies as well as free time in the Science Center. We encourage classes to bring as many chaperones as possible.


Guided Field Trips:

$5 per student plus $150 lesson fee
(per group of 24 or 12 in STEAMlab)

Self Guided Field Trips:

$5 per student

Field Trip Menu:

Grades K-4

Am I A Scientist?
Am I An Engineer?
Exploring Light & Diffraction

Grades 5-8

Diffraction & Refraction

Grades 9-12

Careers in Photonics
Careers in Engineering
Careers in Aviation

Field Trips are generously supported by:

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
Marisa Bueno & Robert Keith
Montana Photonics Industry Alliance

Field Trip Inquiry