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Field Trips

STEAM Connections Field Trips

STEAM Connections Field Trips are designed to be interactive, educational and hands-on for students of all ages. For cleaning, safety and ease, all field trips are guided with a curriculum, activity, supplies and instructor. We encourage classes to bring as many chaperones as possible.

Pricing Structure based on class/group size:

Full Class (18-24 max students): $250
Half Class (11-17 students): $150
Small Group (0 - 10 students): $75

Tagalong siblings are charged the group rate of $7, chaperones are always free.

Field Trip Inquiry

Field Trip Opportunities include:


Amazing Arthropods!
Funky Physics
Dangerous Nature
Sun, Earth, Universe

Grades 4-7

Sun, Earth, Universe
Physics: Catapults

Grades 8-12

Diffraction & Careers in Photonics
Refraction & Careers in Photonics
Sun, Earth, Universe
Advanced Physics

Download our Field Trip Brochure here (coming soon).

Field Trips are generously supported by:

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation | Montana Photonics Industry Alliance |
Montana State University Department of Education | Marisa Bueno & Robert Keith | SPIE